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Aspiring Photogs


Volunteers, clients, friends.  We want to showcase your skills as aspiring photographers!  For the month of June, submit your favorite images captured while at Strides.  Twenty winning images will be featured on our website & social media; photos may also be used in marketing materials.  One grand prize winner will be selected; this person will receive a Starbucks gift card.  Winners will be announces during horse vacation week of July 4.

To submit:

  1. Email with all of your attached photos.  Make note in the email that you have also submitted payment.  Title the email "Photography Contest".

  2. Submit payment for photo submission below, $2 per photo submitted.

  3. Photos will not be viewed if submission of payment is not received same day.

To help raise funds for the Strides program, each submission will require a $2 donation.  If you have more than one photo to submit, you will need to click the "buy now" button below more than once for the number of photos you are submitting. 



  • submitting 3 photos -- you need to click "buy now" on the $2 submission THREE times to equal $6 (3 photos x $2 each)

  • submitting 5 photos -- click "buy now" on the $10 submission ONE time to equal $10 (5 photos x $2 each)

  • submitting 15 photos -- click "buy now" on the $10 submission ONCE and the $20 submission ONCE to equal $30 (15 photos x $2 each).

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