The basic charge of the Strides Board of Directors is to protect the public purpose of the organization.  As a group, they work to ensure that the organization effectively implements its mission, has adequate resources and proper financial oversight, and maintains legal and ethical integrity.  The Strides Directors also actively partner with staff to determine strategies to implement the organization’s mission, to monitor and strengthen the organization's programs and services, to secure funding, and to raise the organization's public standing.  Board members serve a one to three-year term, and may serve two consecutive terms.  If you have interest in participating on the Strides Board please email us at Strides@StridesTC.org.

Meetings are held every third Wednesday at 6:30pm.  If you would like to attend, please contact us at 509-492-8000, option 0.

Board of Directors

Tori Heckman, President

Elizabeth Liston, Vice President

Sydney Hoft, Treasurer

Christina Muirhead, Secretary

Advisory Board

Keely Bowen

Melissa Rojas, Executive Director