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Yay!  We are so excited that you have found your way to our volunteer applications.  Can you picture it now?  It's a warm spring day and you are helping a young child find her confidence, getting exercise, spending time outside, and communing with horses -- all in one afternoon!  That sounds like a DREAM!  This is the joy of volunteering at Strides.  Like many non-profits, we thrive (and survive) on our amazing volunteers, and we need YOU to ensure continued support of our riders and horses. 

All applicants: our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you by a phone call within 7 to 10 business days of receiving your completed application.

Volunteer Coordinator


Your typical volunteer application for people that want to help.

Examples: Businesses, Churches, Eagle Scouts, etc who will be doing large work parties or group tours.


Horse Team -- volunteers that help Horse Lead & Sidewalk during lessons / therapy to keep riders safe.

Exercise Team -- volunteers that have demonstrated riding abilities & groundwork skills to keep the horses conditioned & well-mannered.

Feeding Team -- volunteers that provide the horses with their AM / PM feedings

Paddock Team -- volunteers that keep the horses' pens clean & thus taking on a major role of keeping the therapy herd healthy

Facilities Team -- volunteers that love building fences & sheds, mowing, and so much more to continue improving the Strides grounds as well as ensuring the safety of the horses & other persons at Strides. 

Events & Partnership Team -- volunteers that love raising funds for a cause.  After volunteers, Strides runs off of donations thus the fundraising team is a very important team.

Marketing Team -- if community outreach is in your wheelhouse then let us know!  We would love to have you join out team and help us connect even more with our wonderful community.

Eagle Scout Projects -- click here for ideas

GROUP application
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