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Sleigh bells rinnggg! Are you listening?! Christmas is coming, & the Strides horses have wish lists. Santa needs YOUR help putting these gifts under the Strides Christmas tree.  These gifts will assist the horses in fulfilling the Strides mission.

Christmas Gift Lists

  • Amazon Wish List:

    • Water to hydrate our volunteers and riders

    • Facilities equipment including wheelbarrows for cleaning manure and hauling hay.

    • Emergency kits including AED, first aid, eye wash & pressurized water extinguisher for hay fires.

    • Office equipment including ID badges, hand sanitizer, Lysol & Kleenex

    • Bitless Bridles called side pulls which are used in daily adaptive riding lessons.  Each horse needs their own; they currently share.

    • Gift Cards

  • Wish List at Dover Saddlery​:

    • New riding helmets, ASTM-SEI certified

    • Bridles for training and advanced riding lessons.

    • Rainbow reins are an essential to riding lessons; ours have worn out.

    • Fly spray to keep all those pesky flies from irritating the horses.

    • Grain pans for feeding the horses

    • Equine first aid kit

  • Wish List at SmartPak:

    • Supplements to keep the horses feeling great & performing at their best.

    • Shampoo & conditioner to keep our horses healthy & happy.

  • Gift cards to feed stores such as Bleyhl Co-OpRanch & Home.

    • for grain & soy to maintain a healthy herd​

    • 55# bag of Dry Cob

    • 50# bag of soymeal (Bleyhls, call ahead)

  • Monetary gifts for equine care:​

    • farrier - $40 hoof trim per horse every 8 weeks or as needed​

    • chiropractic care - $75 per horse as needed

    • dentist visit - $200 per horse 1 to 2 times per year dependent on horse

  • Horse Necessities:​

    • 4'x6' rubber stall mats (8 needed) to protect the horses feet while standing on concrete surfaces.

  • Gift cards to hardware stores such as Lowe's & Home Depot.

    • for lumbar and hardware to build fences, shelters, repair sprinkles, etc.

  • Gift cards to nurseries such as Job's NurseryBeaver Bark.

    • Trees to plant for shade (willow trees, birch, aspen, hemlock)

    • Bark ground cover

Have an item to donate? Drop it off under our Christmas tree starting December 1 at 180 Honeysuckle Road, Pasco, WA.  

Using Amazon?  Please first sign-in to your Amazon account via AmazonSmile.

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