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A Gypsy Gift from LexLin Gypsy Ranch

...all the way from Tennessee...

Strides has qualified for a one-of-a-kind gift to our therapy program.

For hundreds of years, the nomadic people known as gypsies have traveled the roads of Europe and the U.K. in beautifully carved and decorated living wagons. To maintain this wandering way of life, they created an extraordinary breed of horse, with enough endurance and strength to pull a heavy wagon all day, the ability to subsist on whatever grazing it could find on the side of the road, and an extremely calm temperament, since a moment’s panic could quite literally result in the destruction of its master’s home. The result, after hundreds of years of selective breeding, is a beautiful, powerful and supremely gentle animal-the Gypsy Horse.

The appreciation of these horses has been growing in the U.S., spurred by the importation of a number of Gypsy Horses during the last few years. Gypsies, traveling in their caravans or vardos, have been known by a variety of names, including Travelers, Roma or Romany. The names for their horses reflect this – Gypsy Cobs, Gypsy Horse, Gypsy Vanners, Travelers Horses, Irish Cobs, Tinkers.

Gypsies still travel the roads of England, Ireland and Europe. For centuries, their way of life has been the stuff of legend and romance. Van Gogh painted them at sunset, around their campfires. Composers from Brahms to Ravel wove their traditional melodies into classical music. But the most magnificent part of their heritage lives, breathes and trots, proud necks arched and feather flying.

The Gypsy Horses – beautiful, brilliant, kind and now enjoying tremendous growth and popularity in America!

Strides will need to send two people roundtrip to Tennessee to bring our new therapy horse home.  To do so will cost approximately $1,500 for travel expenses alone.  This will cover hotel, gas, wear-and-tear on the vehicles, and food.  Strides will also need to complete the new horse's health certificate, Coggins test, and vaccines thus vet bills will accrue.  Lastly, the horse may need a couple of months with a trainer (this is to be determined); if so, that will require an additional $800.  We are hoping to raise a minimum of $1,500 for the basic expenses with a top goal of $2,500 to cover all potential expenses.  Any left over donations after travel, vet, and training is accounted for will be placed towards the new horse's care this year.

We are hoping that our community will rally behind this amazing adventure and partner with us to bring our new family member home to Washington.

Which of these beauties will call Strides home?

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The IRS recognizes Strides Therapeutic Horsemanship Center as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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