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Horse of the Year​

2018 -> ???



Who will be our 2018 HOTY?

2017 -> Hope


Hope was rescued by Strides in the winter of 2015; she was on a feedlot destined for slaughter, malnurished and dirty.  We rehabbed and introduced her to our program Spring 2015.  She has been known to gently press her head into a distraught riders chest and hold it there until the rider has calmed.  She is truly a beacon of hope for our community.  In 2017, Hope provided the most hours under saddle for Strides clients.

2016 -> Snip


Snip was found tied to a fence post abandoned in 2014.  Strides eagerly accepted her into our herd the winter of 2015.  With consistent training, Snip has turned into an invaluable member of our equine heroes.  She is eager to please and takes pride in her work.  In 2016, Snip provided the most hours under saddle for our wonderful clients.  

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