Adaptive Riding, Veterans, First Responders, Respite Care

Over the course of a year, clients from Tri-Cities and the surrounding towns travel to Strides to participate in adaptive riding, respite care, therapy, and Horses & Heroes. Each riding session is comprised of once-per-week lessons for six weeks.  While therapy is traditionally paid for by insurance, adaptive riding is not and Strides does not receive state or federal funding for the Horses & Heroes program.  Most of our clients that partake in adaptive riding automatically receive approximately 75% financial assistance towards their lesson fees.  Our veterans and first responders receive 100% financial assistance as a thank you for their service.  This is only feasible with the financial support from our generous partners.

The expense to provide equine-assisted activities continues to grow.  We at Strides, however, are committed to making our programs affordable to all those that have a desire to participate.


We invite you to join us in giving the gift of hope to these amazing children and adults in our community by donating to the Rider Sponsorship Fund.  With your support, our clients can continue to receive the therapeutic benefits that horses have to offer.  For adaptive riding clients, benefits may include improved physical strength, muscle tone, balance, mobility and hand-eye coordination. The more subtle improvements are fortified self-esteem, self-control and self-confidence. Peer interaction and social skills are also developed in this unique classroom setting.  For participants of the Horses & Heroes, clients regain self-esteem, learn healthy communication styles, and reduce anxiety.  They also learn how to adapt, improvise and overcome perceived stressors.

Sponsorships are available to individuals, companies, clubs, or any other organization.

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