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Level 4       (other skills listed next to name)


Keely B                     Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist

Melissa R                  Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Dave C                      Therapeutic Riding Instructor, in-training

Jill M                         Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Laura K                     trained to feed & clean pens

Brinley P                  trained to feed & clean pens

Charlotte W             trained to feed & clean pens

Level 3a


Robert M                  Facilities Team Leader

Cecilia                      trained to feed & clean pens

Tori H                       Fundraising Team Leader, trained to feed & clean pens

Tammy K

Julian K                    trained to clean pens

Olivia T                    trained to feed

Kelli U                      trained to feed & clean pens

Mandi Jo

Christina M             trained to feed & clean pens

Sarah H                    trained to feed


Level 3b


Meg K

Eliana U

Jenn D                      trained to feed & clean pens

McKenna                 trained to feed & clean pens

Thalia R

Olivia R

Brandy F

Morgan Y

Level 2


Jake                           trained to clean pens

Debbie                      trained to feed

Level 1

Carina M

Ryanne R

Crystal L                 trained to feed

Mikaela                   trained to feed

Natalie S 

Meredith K

If you do not agree with your current status please call or email Jenn, the volunteer coordinator.  We will happily arrange for you to demonstrate your mastery of skills for the appropriate level.

Volunteer Levels

A volunteer must be signed off at each level before advancing. 

To be signed off, the volunteer must demonstrate mastery of that skill.

Level 1


Level 2

Horse wrangler

Level 3b

Horse leader, adaptive riding

Level 3a

Horse leader, hippotherapy

Level 4

Horse exerciser

Other Areas of Skill

Pen Cleaning

Horse Feeding




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