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Join Strides & make an impact!

Paid Staff Opportunities:

  • Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor - part time (not to exceed 30 hours per week).  Starting hourly wage: $20 based on years of experience & qualifying certifications.  Job description click here.

  • Event & Partnership Coordinator - full time (32+ hours per week, not to exceed 40 hours).  Starting hourly wage: $18.  Job Description click here.

Volunteer Leadership Opportunities:

  • Board Members - 2 hours per month though this is variable based on your role within the board.  Please read more here.

  • Barn Manager - part time (8+ hours per week).  Operate a barn of 12 to 15 horses which includes overseeing appointments (vet, farrier, body work), feed schedule, exercise schedule, vaccinations, and minor injuries.  You have a team of volunteers that are trained in feeding the horses mornings and evenings as well as a small team of volunteers trained in exercising the horses.

  • Facilities Manager - part time (5+ hours per week).  Maintain the 5 acre property inclusive of keeping the grounds nice, fences in order, equipment in working order, and making repairs as needed to shelters and buildings.  

  • Volunteer Coordinator - part time (5+ hours per week).  Oversee 200+ volunteers.  Manage volunteer software.  Complete regular outreach to community for volunteer recruitment.  Organize volunteer schedules for lessons and other needs.  Create and execute regular volunteer appreciation.

Please Contact Executive Director Melissa at

Make sure to attach a cover letter and resume with your inquiry for any of the paid positions or volunteer leadership positions.  Place job title in the subject line of your email so it is easily found.
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